Lincoln Electric Europe

Lifelong Employee Education and Development

Our commitment to employee development is multifaceted. From our LEED Program to our online training courses, we work to foster our employees growth at each stage of their career.

We also encourage our employees to learn informally by forgoing relationships with more experienced employees in the company. Mentors help employees develop professionally by acting as role models and offering new perspectives, information and support.

Supporting Employee Development Through MyAcademy

Our Web-based Learning Management System which is called MyAcademy allows Lincoln Eclectic employees to easily manage their learning needs. Using MyAcademy, they can easily locate register and participate in e-learning activities within the company.

Our Lifelong Employee Education and Development Program (LEED)

As part of our strategy to achieve commercial excellence and drive growth, we are developing a pipeline of strong sales leaders at Lincoln Electric through our Sales Leadership Program (LEED). LEED is an intensive 6-8 months customized development rotational program for recent engineers and/or university graduates coming from different countries and with diverse educational and personal backgrounds.

The LEED program presents an opportunity to learn from Lincoln Electric senior management
through a combination of real world experience with specialized classroom study to develop the following
skills and knowledge :

  • Sales, Marketing and Welding,
  • Lincoln Electric organization,
  • Products and Processes,
  • Relationship building,
  • Business management.

Successful completion of the LEED program will lead to a challenging sales/marketing position within Europe.