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Our Work Environment

We place strong emphasis on shaping our culture by defining the Competencies and Personal Behaviours that are necessary for our employees to be successful. By setting common expectations for how we approach our work every day, our employees know what they can and should expect from themselves and from one another... and how they can achieve great results. Our competencies define who we are, both in our beliefs and our actions.

We identified and defined a total of 9 competencies that are essential for our success.

These competencies are used by our employees and leaders in most of our HR processes such as hiring and recruitment, training and development, performance measurement and succession planning, as described below.

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  1. Achieving Quality Results

    Employee is able to flawlessly execute on the objectives established
    for the individual / department / business.

  2. Taking Ownership

    Demonstrates a continuous drive to achieve superior results and takes responsibility for those results.

  3. Taking a Creative Approach

    Fosters and contributes to creative thought and problem solving.

  4. Being a Team Player

    Collaborates effectively with others to achieve common goals.

  5. Using Sound Judgment

    Takes actions that are well-reasoned and represent the best interests of the business.

  6. Maintaining a Customer Focus

    Approaches each issue or action with the goal of satisfying the customer (whether internal or external).

  7. Communicating Effectively

    Employee is able to clearly articulate ideas and concepts to achieve results, verifies that the messages are understood and acted upon, and is able to accept information form others to further business goals.

  8. Planning and Organizing

    Employee is able to organize and to plan own work to maximize use of time, avoid unnecessary effort, meet deadlines, or other productivity requirements.

  9. Personal Awareness

    Recognizes and understands own moods, sensitivities and convictions and the affects these have on the employee's approach to others individuals and situations.